Yukon RCMP warn against text scams

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July 19, 2021 – Yukon RCMP are warning people about recent scams targeting people by phone or text.

“Fraudsters are putting a new spin on their old tricks,” police said in a news release.

RCMP say the COVID-19 pandemic means more people are connecting and doing business remotely — and scammers have adapted.

One recent scam involves text messages that promises the recipient $85, “for receiving COVID-19 vaccine.” It includes a link to a website that police say is fake.

Police say it’s typical for fraudsters to phone or text with promises of gifts or refunds, or demands of payment. They’ll often pose as a legitimate business — such as a phone or utility company — or a government agency. Sometimes their caller ID is hidden to maintain the ruse.

Another common scam involves text messages that promise a deposit from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, with a link to another phony site. CBC News reports. | READ MORE