Women accused in fraud case say they are ‘housewives who make cupcakes,’ not criminals

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Aug. 2, 2021 – A Nova Scotia woman alleged to be the ringleader of a multimillion-dollar tax scheme told a judge Friday that she, her two sisters and their mother are not criminals, but rather dessert-baking housewives who were set up by employees from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Georgette Young and her sisters, Nadia Saker and Angela MacDonald, along with their mother, Lydia Saker, are facing 30 charges, including fraud. 

Young, 49, spent about 14 minutes delivering closing arguments Friday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, telling Justice Robin Gogan there is no truth to allegations that she and her family members attempted to defraud the federal government of $3.6 million.

“It is simply not so,” said Young. “We are people with integrity and pride — housewives who make cupcakes, certainly not gangsters or fraudsters.”

Young said federal prosecutors are relying on “circumstantial evidence and other theories” to prove their case. 

The women have been on trial for more than a month and are representing themselves, despite the judge’s caution that they should at least consider legal advice. CBC News reports. | READ MORE