Woman accused of fraud flees to U.K. after she is granted bail

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Aug. 13, 2021 – A fraud suspect who said she would kill herself rather than accept extradition to Canada to stand trial has fled back to the U.K. after being granted bail in Calgary.

Carol Lloyd was due to appear in Calgary provincial court Wednesday on a charge of fraud over $5,000, but her lawyer, Tom Engel, said she had returned to Britain.

Crown prosecutor Tony Bell also told provincial court judge Lloyd Robertson that authorities in the U.K. confirmed Lloyd had arrived there on July 19.

At Bell’s request, Robertson granted an arrest warrant for Lloyd, but it can only be executed if she is brought back to Canada.

Bell said Thursday the prosecution will once again commence extradition proceedings against the accused.

Lloyd is accused of writing 99 cheques to herself from her employer over an 18-month period ending in 2015 of more than $1.8 million. Calgary Herald reports. | READ MORE