Winnipeg man imprisoned for stealing $161,000 from war veteran

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A 30-month prison sentence has been handed down to a former health-care aide in Winnipeg who admitted to stealing nearly all the life savings of a Second World War navy veteran. Aldreck Ramilo, who is 40, was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to fraud and forgery charges. Court was told Ramilo spent four years forging cheques to drain nearly $161,000 from the 93-year-old victim, who he befriended while working part-time at a seniors home. Ramilo discovered where the man kept his cheques and forged 103 of them between July 2011 and April 2015, using the money to pay for his daily living expenses and other things. The judge has also ordered Ramilo to repay all the money he stole and cover bank overdraft fees the senior incurred.

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