Winnipeg considers hiring fraud investigator

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May 6, 2021 – Some fear a push to hire a full-time investigator to probe complaints to the city’s fraud and waste hotline could come at the cost of other oversight, leaving the city more vulnerable to real estate scandals and project overruns.

City auditor Bryan Mansky is asking council to approve a new position to investigate hotline reports from city staff and residents, which would be funded by cash set aside for the city’s independent fairness commissioner.

The commissioner was originally required to review all real estate transactions but council reduced that mandate to sales, acquisitions, land exchanges and leases in May 2020. If the current proposal is approved, the commissioner would no longer be mandated to review specific transactions. Instead, the city auditor would use a “risk-based approach” to decide if a transaction should be audited by the commissioner.

The audit department itself would also conduct a combination of random and risk-based audits of real estate transactions. Winnipeg Free Press reports. | READ MORE