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Wanted Financial Information on Rohit Ablacksingh, also known as Roy Singh, to Recover from Fraud against a Singapore Doctor

January 7, 2019 – Investigation Counsel PC, Fraud Recovery Lawyers, counsel for the victim, is requesting financial information from anyone having dealings with Rohit Ablacksingh, also known as Roy Singh, date of birth January 23, 1968 (50 years old) of Casa Nova Drive, Woodbridge.

Investigation Counsel PC is currently seeking financial information regarding Rohit Ablacksingh, also known as Roy Singh,to Recover from a CPLT20 Cricket Scheme Fraud

On May 18, 2018, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto found Roy Singh liable for fraud and breach of trust. On August 8, 2018, the Court found Mr. Singh liable for contempt of court. A date for the sentencing of Mr. Singh for contempt and for a punitive order was adjourned to give Mr. Singh the opportunity to purge his contempt and to pay the judgment.

On December 17, 2018, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto found that Mr. Singh had not purged his contempt and sentenced him to two months of house arrest with various conditions. The Court also issued a $20,000 punitive order against Mr. Singh, bringing the total judgment for the fraud, legal costs, and the punitive order to $130,000.

Mr. Singh continues to reside with his wife and his four children at 26 Casa Nova despite the judgment being outstanding against him. In April 2018 Mr. Singh took out a third mortgage on his residence. Despite having funds to pay the judgment, Mr. Singh refused to do so.

Mr. Singh was given the opportunity to make full disclosure of his income and assets at two judgment debtor examinations. Mr. Singh refused to do so. The Court failed to impose sufficient incentives for Mr. Singh to provide full financial transparency to his victim. It is for this reason that a public request for financial information on Mr. Singh is being made through this press release.

Mr. Singh created a false persona of a lawyer and used a photograph of himself with a retired judge to obtain the confidence of an elderly Singapore doctor to perpetrate his fraud. Mr. Singh requested a $50,000 retainer from the doctor. He used the money to support his lifestyle. For the full story, see Devathasan v. Ablacksingh, 2018 ONSC 7557.

Anyone with asset and income information on Mr. Rohit Ablacksingh is asked to contact D. Slenys of Investigation Counsel PC at 416-637-3151 or .