Wanted: Financial Information on Brian Anish Kumar, 48, of Oakville – Investment Fraud

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March 3, 2021 – Investigation Counsel PC, Fraud Recovery Lawyers, counsel for various victims of alleged investment frauds, is requesting information from anyone having dealings with Brian Anish Kumar, born in 1973, of Oakville, Ont.

On Aug. 4, 2020, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued a $100,000 cost order against Brian Kumar. Mr. Kumar has not moved to set aside the order and has not paid any of the judgment.

The Court held that substantial indemnity costs were appropriate to be ordered against Brian Kumar. The Court found that his victims had proven a strong prima facie case of fraud against him. The Court issued a Mareva injunction against Kumar, resulting in a world-wide asset freezing order against him–the asset freezing injunction remains in effect. 

The Court further held that despite numerous court attendances, Kumar did not provide evidence to dispel the fraud allegations. Rather, with the successive court appearances, the case became stronger. 

The Court further held that Kumar has failed to comply with court orders. Kumar has failed to provide financial transparency as to what he did with the victim’s investment funds. 

The case against Kumar alleges that he was formerly a Chartered Accountant and a licensed representative employed by National Bank Financial Ltd. and Aligned Capital Partners Inc. in Oakville. The case alleges that Mr. Kumar solicited investments from the victims without advising them that his licence as a Chartered Accountant and for selling securities had been revoked, that he had plead to a criminal matter related to converting client funds through falsely signing documents, and that he was a bankrupt. 

Mr. Kumar denies all fraud allegations, and alleges the transfers were bona fide loans. 

A full copy of the Court’s August 4, 2020, decision is available here. A full copy of the Court’s June 30, 2020, decision extending the Mareva injunction to trial is enclosed here. A full copy of the Court’s September 9, 2019, decision setting out the allegations made against him and the litigation history of this case is available here.

A full copy of the CPA Ontario decision is available here.

Anyone with information on Brian Kumar’s assets or recent financial transactions is asked to contact D. Slenys of Investigation Counsel PC at 416-637-3151 or dslenys@investigationcounsel.com.