Victoria police warn of business email scam

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Victoria, BC police are warning Victoria and Esquimalt businesses to be wary of an increase of “business email compromise” scams.

The scam begins when an employee in accounting or a similar financial department is targeted by somebody posing as the CEO or another high-ranking employee. The scammer send a realistic email requesting an urgent wire transfer to settle an account or pay an invoice or secure a business deal.

Scammers will often send realistic looking invoices or bills and stress the urgency or confidentiality of the wire transfer.

An investigation uncovered the scam saw a local business lose $50,000.

“There are a number of ways companies can prevent this from happening to them,” said Financial Crime Sgt. Brent Keleher.

“Carefully examine the properties of the e-mail address making the request as often one letter is off or a period is inserted. Also, establish a process that requires multiple approvals for wire transfers and limit the amount of employee information online. Often the scammers get information on their victims from social media or company websites.”

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