Unclear whether the lone Presto card fraud suspect will ever face trial

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Aug, 6, 2021 – By the middle of last summer, Metrolinx special constables believed they’d made a major breakthrough.

After a months-long investigation by transit agency officers, on July 30, 2020, a North York resident in his late 30s was arrested and charged in connection with what the organization would later tell media was the largest case of alleged Presto fare card fraud it had ever handled.

In a statement to the Star months after the arrest, Metrolinx described the alleged scheme as “organized” and “deplorable,” and praised its investigators forbreaking it up. 

The man was charged with fraud over $5,000. The allegations against him have not been proven in court. 

Two sources with knowledge of Metrolinx’s handling of Presto fraud cases told the Star the agency’s investigators believed the man was just one participant in a sophisticated and lucrative scam that involved hundreds of Presto cards loaded with thousands of dollars of illicit funds.

But a year after his arrest, the case against him appears to have gone nowhere, and it’s uncertain whether the only person arrested in Metrolinx’s largest-ever Presto fraud investigation will face trial. Toronto Star reports. | READ MORE