Two Quebec residents arrested for multiple identity fraud charges in New Brunswick

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Saint John (November 4, 2019) – Saint John Police arrested two Quebec residents, Linda Nelson and Ashraf Moilime, for multiple identity frauds at a local CIBC branch on October 10. Both suspects were reported by suspicious bank employees for opening various bank accounts using different names and – what turned out to be – fraudulent identification documents. Nelson and Moilime were charged with numerous counts of identity theft. Moilime will be further prosecuted in a Quebec Provincial Court. Nelson pleaded guilty on October 31 and awaits sentencing on February 10 in New Brunswick.

Saint John Police received a report on October 9 about a man trying to open bank accounts at two bank branches using different names and a woman opening a bank account with CIBC bank presenting an NB Power bill as proof of residency on the Saint John’s east side. The latter made the bank employees suspicious since the residents of this area are rather served by Saint John Energy than NB Power.

After the police were informed, the woman’s new bank account was frozen. When the woman entered the CIBC branch on the next day to find out the reason why her account had been frozen, she has been arrested. The arrested woman was identified as Linda Nelson, 50 years old from Quebec. The male suspect is Ashraf Moilime, 27 years old from Quebec. He has been found and arrested in a rental car outside of the branch.

In the car, the police found numerous fake identification documents and criminal property. Nelson and Moulime are facing multiple identity theft charges in connection with a ‘sophisticated’ fraud scheme, police believe to be related to a criminal organization.

Moilime pleaded guilty to the charges and will be sentenced in a Quebec Provincial Court. Nelson pleaded guilty to the identity fraud charges on October 31 and awaits sentencing on February 10 in New Brunswick.