Two men arrested in string of alleged home reno scams that left properties damaged: Toronto police

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Two men are facing more than a dozen charges each for a string of alleged home renovation scams in Toronto dating back to March of this year.

Toronto police allege the crimes occurred between March and September and involved suspects going door-to-door offering renovation services to homeowners.

Police say the suspects would use “deceptive and high pressure tactics” to get hired for roofing and masonry work.

The victims would pay the suspects, but police say the work was never completed and there would often be damage caused to a victim’s home.

Toronto police arrested two men from MIssissauga as a result of an investigation into the incidents. William Quilligan, 53, and Dermot Quilligan, 43, are facing a combined 28 charges including six counts of fraud each.

Police are out with the following tips to help homeowners from falling victim to similar scams:

  • Be wary of unsolicited contractors going door to door, especially those using pressure tactics and demanding advance payment in cash
  • Avoid impulse decisions to hire a contractor
  • Do your research
  • Select a reputable company and obtain a detailed written contract
  • There is no obligation to speak to a salesperson soliciting at your door
  • Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Anyone in Toronto who thinks they may be a victim of fraud can find more information here.

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