Two Edmonton men charged in fraudulent credit card scam

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Edmonton police have laid charges against two men after it was discovered they were allegedly purchasing prepaid credit cards using fraudulent credit card data.

Upon investigation, police determined that the two men had visited multiple gas stations between May and June 2017 and fraudulently purchased over $3,800 worth of prepaid Visa gift cards.

Police believe the men would purchase anywhere from $300 to $800 worth of gift cards in each transaction. They would attempt to pay with a tampered credit card in which the magnetic strip was damaged. Alternative card information would then be provided to the store clerk, later which proved to be fraudulent.

Paul Vincent Olimba, 33, is charged with five counts of fraud under $5,000, five counts of unauthorized use of credit card data, and five counts of uttering a forged document.

Phelip Jonahs Olimba, 31, is charged with two counts of fraud under $5,000 and two counts of unauthorized use of credit card data.

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