< TTC officers convicted in ticket scam sentenced to jail time

TTC officers convicted in ticket scam sentenced to jail time

After a five-year legal saga, three former TTC officers have been sentenced to jail time for writing fake tickets to homeless people as part of a scheme to skip out on work.

At a College Park courtroom on Wednesday morning, Justice S. Ford Clements sentenced Michael Schmidt to 90 days in jail, plus a nine-month conditional sentence of house arrest.

Schmidt’s co-accused Tony Catic and Jan Posthumus received sentences of 45 days in jail plus six months house arrest, and 14 days jail plus three months house arrest, respectively.

All three were convicted last June of fabrication of evidence and attempting to obstruct justice.

In his decision, Clements described the trio’s offences as “very serious” because “they undermine the public confidence in the administration of justice.”

While the officers didn’t have the same arrest powers as police, Clements said, they were peace officers entrusted with enforcing TTC bylaws and the Provincial Offences Act.

“They were duty-bound to exercise that authority in a lawful manner. They did not,” the judge said.

The judge ordered the men to attend jail on weekends, and to serve their house arrests concurrently. He also sentenced them to perform community service in the form of helping the homeless.

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