Trial underway for Nova Scotia women accused in $3.6M fraud case

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July 5, 2021 – A Cape Breton family accused in a multi-million dollar tax scheme is working their way through a complex criminal trial with no lawyers at their side. 

A Nova Scotia Supreme Court justice will decide the fate of four women best known for operating a now defunct restaurant on Boularderie Island in Cape Breton known as Spaghetti Benders. 

The judge-alone trial got underway June 17 in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Sydney, N.S. 

Lydia Saker and her daughters Georgette Young, Nadia Saker and Angela MacDonald have pleaded not guilty to 30 charges including fraud. The women were charged after a nearly three-year investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency.

According to allegations outlined in search warrant records, the women and 10 companies under their control claimed $56 million dollars in sales on products such as cookbooks, salad dressings, frozen dinners and fur coats. CBC News reports. | READ MORE