Toronto warns of scam asking residents to pay parking tickets

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The City of Toronto is warning of a scam in which someone is pretending to be an official asking for payment for a parking violation.

In a tweet issued Sunday, the city advised anyone who may have received a similar text to not click any links.

“If you receive a text message from the [city] asking to pay parking or speeding tickets – Do NOT click any links,” they said.

“Under no circumstances does the city send text messages for these infractions.”

A photo of a sample text reads, “You have a parking ticket from the City of Toronto that must be complete [sic] before 18-12-2022 to avoid suspension, you will received [sic] details within one hour.”

Another text containing a link follows the first.

If you receive this text, the city says to ignore and delete it. Do not provide any personal information.

In April 2022, the city warned of a nearly identical scam.

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