Toronto taxi scam: cabbies swiping bank cards from passengers

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The next time you pay by debit in a taxi, keep a close eye on your card. Toronto police warn that a group of cab drivers has been swiping riders’ bank cards as they pay — and then driving straight to ATM machines to empty bank accounts before victims even realize what’s happened. Dozens of cab riders have been victimized across the city in recent weeks and the crimes are continuing daily, the lead investigator in the case said Friday. The number of reports coming into police across the city “has escalated quite a bit” in recent days, Det. Chris Beattie said in an interview with CBC News. He said it appears that a “small group” of drivers is carrying out the fraud. Toronto police warn passengers to keep a close eye on their debit cards when paying in taxis amid a scam where some cab drivers are taking people’s bank cards and swapping them for a fake card.

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