Toronto judge blasts fraudster for acting like a ‘cat fleeing a bath’

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Steven Venditello was charged with fraud more than seven years ago, but has yet to see a trial.

Superior Court Justice Sean Dunphy said, “at first blush,” it would appear as if Venditello’s constitutional right to a trial in a reasonable time has been violated, but at closer inspection, the delay is Venditello’s own doing.

The defendant has repeatedly hired, instructed, fired and rehired lawyers over the years. The Toronto judge delivered a ruling dismissing Venditellos’ application for his charges to be stayed.

“Mr. Venditello has proved himself a veritable virtuoso at exploiting the fervent desire of the justice system to facilitate his right to counsel to create delay for his own ends,” Dunphy wrote in his decision.

Venditello was charged in November 2009 with fraud over $5,000, related to allegations of defrauding an elderly couple of approximately $340,000. His initial court appearance was in January 2010

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