Toronto couple sentenced to U.S. federal prison in “secret shopper” mass marketing scam

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A Toronto couple who were extradited earlier this year to the United States have been sentenced for their roles in a mass marketing scheme that targeted hundreds of victims across the United States with counterfeit checks that accompanied bogus claims they had been selected to become “secret shoppers” at MoneyGram counters inside Walmart stores.

Extradited by Canada in April

Idris Nuradin 35, was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison. In addition to the prison term, Gutierrez ordered Nuradin to pay $110,109 in restitution to 33 victims. Nuradin’s wife, 34-year-old Habone Gayad, 34, received a “time served” sentence, which is approximately eight months in custody. Nuradin and Gayad were indicted in 2010 and were extradited by Canada in April at the request of the United States Department of Justice.

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