RCMP report a significant increase in lottery scams, scammers claim to be STARS Air Ambulance

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Unity RCMP is reporting a “significant increase” in lottery scams being reported to police. The detachment said most scammer calls claim to represent STARS Air Ambulance.

People have been told they won new vehicles and cash prizes up to $175,000. Police said scammers have then asked people to send a payment in order to claim a prize.

RCMP are reminding people that you will never be asked to send money in order to claim a lottery prize. If asked to send a payment of any kind, police advise hanging up the phone or deleting the email.

If you receive a scam lottery call police say not to provide any personal details. They request people record the number and report it to your local police department or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-449-2444.

Additionally, you can check with STARS directly to verify if you are a winner of their fundraising lottery.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.