Social media romance costs Perth County resident $20,000

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Kitchener-Waterloo (August 21, 2019) – A Perth County resident has lost $20,000 to an online romance scammer during the last year. The victim reported the incident to the police on August 2 after realizing that the online love affair was a romance scam, according to CBC.

The victim explained that they had met a man on social media. The online acquaintance quickly developed to – what the resident thought was – a social media romance. During the course of one year, the man simulated various emergency situations and asked for money. He took advantage of their developed online relationship to convince the resident multiple times in transferring a total amount of

Romance scammers often use emails, social media, or dating websites to develop intense relationships with residents vulnerable to being victimized. The Canadian Anti Fraud Center (CAFC) advises online daters to ‘Be suspicious when someone you haven’t met in person professes their love to you. Ask yourself –would someone I’ve never met really declare their love after only a few emails?’ Moreover, online daters – like any other individual – should never share personal or financial information with anyone you’ve only just met online. And last but not least, ‘Never under any circumstance send money for any reason. The scammer will make it seem like an emergency, they may even express distress or anger to make you feel guilty but DO NOT send money.’