‘Slick’ internet con artists bilk Manitoban for $10K, securities fraud

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It’s “very unlikely” that a 61-year-old woman who was recently defrauded of thousands of dollars online will ever see that money again, the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) says. The Manitoba woman filed a complaint with MSC after an online transaction with Magnum Options fell through.

61-year-old woman was victim of ‘international shell game’

The so-called firm isn’t registered to sell securities anywhere in Canada and persuaded the woman into establishing a $10,200 USD trading account with a credit card, the MSC added. There are currently no binary option companies registered to sell securities in Canada, the MSC said. The MSC said Manitobans should be cautious and view any invitations to send cash overseas to unregistered companies as a sign of investment fraud. 

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