Scammers pretending to represent Maison McCulloch hospice in Sudbury

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Trustees has reported on telephone scammers targeting seniors by pretending to be their grandchildren, others posing as Sudbury Hydro workers and still others as Nigerian princes. Now, telephone scammers are apparently calling Greater Sudbury residents pretending to represent Maison McCulloch Hospice (formerly Maison Vale Hospice).

Hospice is not running fundraising campaigns

The hospice has reported to that there are people phoning Nickel City residents pretending to represent a facility that provides services to dying people and their families, and trying to scam money out of them. Maison McCulloch says not only is not running any raffles or fundraising campaigns at the moment, it never cold calls people seeking donations.


This article is summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.