Scammers are Posing as Officials from The Canada Border Services Agency in Manitoba

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RCMP in Steinbach, Manitoba say scammers are posing as officials from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and asking people for personal information. RCMP want to warn the public of this scam and would like to remind citizens to never disclose personal information over the phone.

This scam is nothing new to the CBSA. The methods used by the scammers to communicate with the public are varied and ever-changing, but always designed to lure the public into providing personal information. The scammers mainly try to communicate through email, text messages or telephone.

The scams are so realistic because scammers often use false CBSA information. Telephone calls often display employee names that appear to be from the CBSA. Emails may contain CBSA logos, email addresses, employee names and titles to mislead the public.

To distinguish the CBSA from scammers, the CBSA notes that they never initiate a request for social insurance number and credit card number by telephone or email. If a person receives a telephone call or email requesting personal information, it is a scam.

If anyone has received this type of call or email, they should be ignored and reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Originally sourced by Steinbach Online