A roadmap for protecting Canadians against cyber crime

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n 2014, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre received more than 14,000 complaints of cyber-related fraud for more than $45 million in reported losses. During the same year, the RCMP National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre received nearly 8,500 reported incidents concerning online child sexual exploitation. These statistics only provide a partial picture of the magnitude of the problem. Furthermore, individuals or organizations that are victimized by cyberattacks and crimes do not always report them. The fear of reporting is sometimes predicated upon loss of reputation and may create perceived vulnerabilities toward liabilities for companies that might have seen customers’ data compromised. Additionally, individuals may choose not to report a crime because of a lack of knowledge and confidence that the perpetrator who operated in the virtual world will be apprehended.

A roadmap for protecting Canadians against cyber crime by Pierre-Yves Bourduas. He is president of P-Y Public Safety Management Inc. and former RCMP Deputy Commissioner.

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