Review of the year 2019: Top 5 articles on Canadian Fraud News

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Toronto (December 31, 2019) – With the fading year, we review 2019 at Canadian Fraud News with our Top 5 articles of this year. The Canadian Fraud News Team thanks all our loyal readers and wishes everyone a happy and ‘fraud-free’ New Year 2020.

olympic sprinter, fraud, charges, Kofi Yevakpor, car dealership, Kingston, police, fake, ID, identification, documents

#5 Former Olympic sprinter is facing multiple fraud charges

Former Olympic sprinter, Kofi Yevakpor, is facing multiple fraud related charges according to a Kingston police press release. He allegedly tried to purchase high-end SUV’s from three car dealerships in Ontario using fake identification documents. On September 17, he was arrested in the course of an undercover investigation of the Kingston police. Read more …

director finance New Visions Toronto charity, Marcia Motayne, fraud, employee, Toronto

#4 Charity’s director of finance almost drove ‘New Visions Toronto’ into bankruptcy

New Visions Toronto’s former director of finance defrauded the charity out of $904,784 within three years. Marcia Motayne’s payroll scam forced New Visions Toronto to make major cutbacks for their clients’ care and almost drove it into bankruptcy. The former bookkeeper was found guilty by a jury in June. Motayne has been sentenced to six years and six months in prison on October 23 by Superior Court Judge Michael Quigley. Read more …

#3 Dad and daughter fined $4m for stealing winning lottery ticket

Jun-Chul Chung, 68, and his daughter Kathleen Chung, 36, were sentenced to seven and four years in prison. Jun-Chul stole the winning ticket at the convenience store in a Toronto suburb where he worked and where the ticket was purchased by Daniel Campbell. Then his daughter Kathleen Chung cashed the ticket in at the prize center. Months later, an investigator for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which runs the province’s lottery, discovered her brother owned the Variety Plus where the ticket was validated. The real ticket winner eventually got his C$12.5m earnings – plus interest. Read more …

Serious Fraud Office, prosecution, police, OPP,Norman Groot, Investigation Counsel, Ontario, SFO, Kari Dart, John Corelli, Stephen Goudge, white-collar crime

#2 What to expect from Ontario’s new Serious Fraud Office?

Ontario has set up a new anti-fraud unit. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is an initiative of the province to face complex, white-collar crimes. Thereby, the Ontario government pursues strengthening fraud prosecution and targets some well-known weaknesses in criminal law enforcement regarding fraud related incidents. Many fraud experts in the private sector have praised the project since its announcement. Now, it all depends on the execution. Read more …

#1 Wanted Financial Information on Rohit Ablacksingh

Investigation Counsel PC, Fraud Recovery Lawyers, is requesting financial information from anyone having dealings with Rohit Ablacksingh, also known as Roy Singh, date of birth January 23, 1968 (50 years old) of Casa Nova Drive, Woodbridge. Mr. Singh created a false persona of a lawyer and used a photograph of himself with a retired judge to obtain the confidence of an elderly Singapore doctor to perpetrate his fraud. Mr. Singh requested a $50,000 retainer from the doctor. He used the money to support his lifestyle. Read more …