Alberta RCMP continue to warn against binary options scams

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The Alberta RCMP have published an announcement warning against binary options scams. The warning comes amidst authorities and financial watchdogs cautioning investors against the potentially dangerous scam.

According to Alberta RCMP, a total of 8,317 cases of fraud were reported in the province from January to October last year. Some of the most common scams included romance scams, wire fraud scams, investment scams and merchandise scams, which involves websites selling counterfeit goods from existing retailers at discounted prices.

“Fraud has a devastating impact on individuals, families businesses and to our economy,” said Inspector K.C.A. (Allan) Lai. “The RCMP believes that the best way to fight these types of crime is through awareness because the more you know about a scam, the less likely you are to be victimized.”

“Albertans should immediately report any incident to the appropriate authorities,” said Lai.

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This article is summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.