Quebec homebuyers left in a lurch after developer goes bankrupt

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July 8, 2021 – Lisa Alahaydoyan and her husband paid more than $150,000 dollars to demolish a house in Laval, Que., and build their dream home from the ground up.

“Our dream, our home, what we’ve worked for for so many years; the promise of a forever home with our children in a perfect place for us,” she said.

But then everything fell apart and the couple is one of more than 100 people who are looking for answers after the home-building company they trusted went bankrupt — leaving homes unfinished or not even started.

“Our dreams have just been shattered,” said Alahaydoyan.

Afarin Pouroskouei was supposed to be Alahaydoyan’s neighbour and now she too is left in a lurch.

“It was all the savings of our 10 years working here in Canada,” she said. “All the savings we have. I don’t have a penny right now.”

Now the would-be neighbours are trying to figure out what to do next, and there are some concerns the bankruptcy was all part of a larger plan.

“There’s a lot of information from all of these families that points to you know, this had probably been planned to get as much money as possible from all these customers,” said Alahaydoyan. CBC News reports. | READ MORE