Producers warned about hay fraud happening in Saskatchewan

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Aug. 10, 2021 – Fraudsters are committing hay fraud and scamming producers in Saskatchewan.

The fraudsters are placing ads on social media and other buying platforms. They request immediate payment before the buyer has a chance to see the hay or is in a position to take delivery. 

According to a message from the RCMP Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network, several producers sent funds over, only to later find out that the scammer did not have any hay. 

Chad MacPherson, the general manager of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association said because of the extreme drought conditions, hay prices have been skyrocketing. He said this forces producers to make quick decisions and to buy feed from further away, which exposes them to additional risks. 

“The drought is so widespread that you have to buy it when you see it … people are being forced to make decisions without any research because if they don’t speak for it now, it might not be there when they call back in half an hour,” he said. 

The heat caused hay prices to double from a year ago, and one round hale bay costs $200. Because of the demand for hay, there has also been hay theft. CBC News reports. | READ MORE