Police warn of fraud scheme after woman, 76, lost thousands of dollars

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March 22,2018 (Courtesy of the Canadian Press) –  An Ontario police force is warning the public about a fraud scheme that left a 76-year-old woman thousands of dollars out of pocket this week.

Police in Brantford, Ont., say the victim got a call from someone claiming to be an investigator with the RCMP.

They say the fraudster told the woman her bank accounts and credit cards had been hacked by someone using her last name.

Police say the woman was persuaded she would be helping with the investigation if she provided her financial passwords, gave the caller remote access to her computer, and purchased $6,100 in iTunes and other gift cards.

Police say the victim was warned not to talk about the purchases for fear of compromising the fake investigation.

Police want the public to know that officers conducting a genuine fraud investigation would not try to enlist the help of a victim or require anyone to buy gift cards.