Police ‘exchange zone’ aims to curb fraud, robberies from online deals

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In a move to improve safety for people who buy and sell goods after connecting online, police in Peel Region are offering an ‘exchange zone’ where people can complete transactions in the safety of a police station parking lot. The zone consists of two parking spaces outside Peel’s 22 Division office at 7750 Hurontario St. in Brampton, Ont. The parking spaces are monitored by video cameras. The exchange zone was already used over the past weekend, said Peel Regional Police Sgt. Josh Colley.

Fraudprevention: Reduce fraud related to online transactions

If successful, theywill introduce it in other divisions, as well. The move is aimed at curbing violent crimes, such as robberies. It’s also intended to reduce fraud related to online transactions. Police say the cameras will collect information “for the purpose of promoting public safety” but a news release reminds potential users that “officers are unable to assist in negotiating civil property transactions.”

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