Police are warning the public about a stolen in taxi fare scam which stole $100,000 so far

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London police are warning the public about a scam involving a taxi and a person claiming to need help paying the fare.

The London Police Service Financial Crime Unit said several victims throughout the city have reported being approached by a suspect asking for help paying for a taxi.

Police explained that in every reported instance, the suspect was in or near a vehicle that looked like a taxi and asked the victim for assistance paying the fare because the taxi driver would not accept cash due to COVID-19, with a promise to repay them in cash.

The victim is then given a debit machine to pay the fare using their debit card.

Police say the victims later learned large sums of money were stolen removed from their accounts, and that the debit card returned to them was not theirs but a lookalike.

The suspects for this crime are described as a male, aged 18 to 20, wearing a puffy jacket, Timberland boots, and black hat. The second suspect, also male, is around 40 years-old in all black clothing, a black hat, and wearing a medical mask.

The vehicle is described as a 4-door sedan with a fake taxi sign on the roof and believed to be a 2014 Silver Nissan Altima.

Police report that individual victims have been defrauded of $1,100 to $13,000, totalling approximately $100,000 altogether.

Members of the London Police Service Financial Crime Unit are seeking to speak with anyone who may have information related to this string of frauds.

This information was originally sourced by www.globalnews.ca.