Phishing scam claiming to be from BBB Saskatchewan

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BBB Saskatchewan is warning businesses, charities and consumers of an email phishing scam that’s making its way through Canada and the United States.

The email scam uses the Better Business Bureau name and logo and contains malware that can infect your computer or steal passwords.

The message of these emails claim the recipient has a complaint against them regarding a violation of labour and/or health and safety standards.

The BBB does not handle any complaints that pertain to health or employment, and any message that makes a similar statement should be regarded as suspicious.

Example of email being received:

This email notification has been automatically sent to you because BBB has got a complaint, claiming that your company is violating the The Safety and Health Act.

You can download the text file with the explanation of compliant by following the link https://bitly (XXXXXX).

We also ask that you give a reply within 24 hours to us. This message should contain information about what you intend to do about it.

Important note:

When replying to us, keep the abuse ID “0192624050372:656” unchanged in the subject line.

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