Peterborough woman allegedly wangled more than $13,000 with fake health benefit claims

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Peterborough (August 22, 2019) – Evangelia Gryllou from Peterborough allegedly defrauded more than $13,000 through faking health insurance claims. She was arrested and charged with fraud and forgery by the Peterborough police.

Between September 2017 and July 2018, the 37-year-old allegedly had been forging receipts which she is accused of submitting to her insurance provider. The police say that the fraudulent claims amount to $13,260. In February 2019, the police were informed about fraudulent health benefit claims submitted by the accused.

On August 20, Gryllou attended the police station where she was arrested. As a result of the insurance fraud investigation, the woman of Parkwood Circle was charged with fraud over $5,000 and using, dealing, acting on forged document. Gryllou appeared in court on August 20.