Party on the plane! Twelve passengers in Health Canada’s investigation

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Health Canada is currently investigating the case of twelve passengers on the Sunwing flight on December 30.

Three of these passengers handed files were handed to the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DPCP).

The federal department confirmed in an email that 12 non-compliant notifications had been issued to passengers attending the party in advance on the device.

Spokesperson, Eric Morissette, for the federal department said “the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is also pursuing suspected fraud and isolated violations,”

Health Canada explains that notices of non-compliance were given on the Site under the Isolation Act to “report that a requirement is not explicitly complied with”.

Following the controversy surrounding the extraordinary behavior of these travelers, the newsmen posted their aerial escape missions on social media, describing them as “without purpose” and “astrologers” by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The exact number of these travelers returning home is undetermined. However, as of January 5, they were at least 27 years old to return to Canada.

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