Owen Sound police chief gets threats from fraudsters

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Some unlucky fraudsters picked the wrong target when they called about a tax paying scam and found the Owen Sound, Ont. police chief on the other end of the line.

Police Chief Bill Sornberger received a call Thursday from a fraudster claiming to be an officer working on a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) file with Sornberger’s name on it.

The caller left a voicemail message informing the chief that if he did not call them back immediately, they would come and arrest him.

Sornberger will not be returning the scammer’s call.

Owen Sound police warn if you receive a message from someone saying they are from the police or any other government official and they threaten to arrest you for not paying your taxes, or demand immediate payment, simply hang up the phone. Police will never tell you to make a payment to the CRA with a credit card over the phone.

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