Ottawa to regulate immigration and citizenship consultants to root out fraud

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Aug. 12, 2021 – The federal government is establishing a college for immigration and citizenship consultants to become the official regulator of the profession across the country.

The federal Immigration Department says the college will open in November and will have the needed legal tools to investigate professional misconduct and discipline its licensees to root out immigration fraud and protect people wishing to come to Canada.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says immigrants should receive professional and honest advice as they look for information about Canada’s immigration system.

He says the new college will protect newcomers and those seeking to immigrate and will help uphold the integrity of Canada’s immigration system.

Parliament passed a law last year to regulate the work of citizenship and immigration consultants.

The law gives the college the power to enter the premises of a consultant for the purpose of gathering information to support an investigation, and compelling witnesses to appear and testify before its discipline committee. The Vancouver Sun reports. | READ MORE