Ontario police warn public roof repair scam circulating

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Police in Parry Sound are warning northern Ontario residents about a roof repair fraud scam believed to be targeting older adults.

According to Ontario Provincial Police, individuals claiming to represent a roofing company go door-to-door offering unsolicited repair services. The resident is then told that the company flew a drone over their residence and noticed damage and are willing to repair the roof, usually at a seeming lower cost than one would expect. They then collected a deposit for the work to be done and that’s the end of the scam. No person returns to do any repairs. The resident hears nothing further from the company.

Scammers usually try to create a crisis atmosphere to try and pressure victims into complying on the spot.

Police say there are many ways people can protect themselves, including never signing any documents or handing over a payment without consulting family members or fellow neighbours when someone solicits at your door and never signing any documents or making payment on any deal when the salesperson states the deal must be completed immediately in order to move forward.

If the person at your door causes you to be suspicious, call the police.

“If you receive any unsolicited communication by any means asking for money to be given … be cautious and suspicious,” the OPP has said in previous news releases.

If you think you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, please contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or your nearest police authority. You can also submit a tip anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

This article was originally sourced from www.ctvnews.ca