One of the latest scams in Canada sees fraudsters posing as WestJet and here’s what to look for

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Travellers, take note! WestJet is warning passengers about fraudsters impersonating the airline in order to get personal details and money from customers following national travel issues.

The carrier says it has received reports of a number of fake accounts and websites, and is reminding passengers to “remain vigilant.”

As customers attempt to contact WestJet’s customer service after a flurry of travel issues due to inclement weather, some have run into scammers claiming to be the airline in order to swindle and dupe unsuspecting passengers.

Reported scams include fraudulent websites where customers are directed to share banking and personal information and allow access to their account by downloading a desktop application, reports Global News.

WestJet is warning travellers to be aware of fraudulent accounts and sites as they attempt to get in contact with the airline.

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