Oblique Toronto contractor sentenced to almost four years in prison for defrauding customers

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Toronto (July 30, 2019) – Adam Gardin was sentenced to almost four years in prison under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act on July 26, 2019. He was also ordered to pay more than $850,000 in restitution according to the Ontario Provincial Offences court. Furthermore, he is to be on probation for two years after his release. The former developer pled guilty to eleven charges of unfair business practices.

He defrauded the customers of his company GarCon Building Group. The 38-year-old was a high-ranked general contractor in Toronto. When his company went bankrupt in 2015, he left more than a dozen homes unfinished, but also hundreds of thousands of dollar bills unpaid.

GlobalNews reporter Sean O’Shea commented on Twitter: “The sentence is remarkably severe for a Canadian court. He ruined the lives of many who trusted him.”

In 2014, GarCon Building Group customers came forward accusing Gardin of accepting money for contracted work which he never finished, GlobalNews reported.