Michael Rizzato of Nova Scotia guilty of 17 fraud related charges, ordered to pay back $40,000

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Hailing from New Waterford, Nova Scotia,  Michael Rizzato, 33, has been handed an 18-month conditional sentence in connection with 17 fraud related charges.

Pleading guilty to multiple charges of fraud, forgery and uttering forged documents, Rizzato initial defraud his employer of $40,000 and has been ordered to pay the amount back as a form of restitution.

The charges involved a furniture store and Rizzato admitted to selling merchandise but failing to turn in the money. He also admitted to falsifying invoices.

Following the initial 18-month sentence, Rizzato will complete a year of probation with the conditional sentencing allowing him to serve out his time in a community under strict rule and supervision rather than going to prison.

For the first nine months of the sentence, Rizzato is under a 24/7 curfew, with exceptions for employment, legal and educational reasons. The last nine months, the curfew provisions are relaxed. He is also to refrain from alcohol and drugs not prescribed to him and is not allowed to possess any weapons.

He is also to perform 50 hours of community service.

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This story was summarized by Canadian Fraud News Inc.