New CRA scam phone calls more aggressive than usual

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A Paradise man wants to warn people about a series of scam phone calls he received lately from a voice claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency. Dave Bruce, who actually works for CRA himself, said both he and his father got several voice mails on Friday, all a little different but similar in tone. He said while scam phone calls are nothing new, he said these were much more aggressive and intense, compared to what he’s heard police warn the public about in the past. “They say they’re going to take what you have, they’re going to have the police come, they want a call back from you or your attorney, they’re going to seize assets and they’re going to come to your door to do the paper work,” he said.

To help get the word out, Bruce recorded one of the calls, which can be heard at CBC News.

By Geoff Bartlett
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