‘Ndrangheta Mafia: Nine members of organized crime family Figliomeni charged

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Aurora (July 22, 2019) – Nine members of the Figliomeni crime family were taken into custody and more than $35 million in proceeds of crime were seized as a result of ‘Project Sindacato’ lead by the York Regional Police.

The investigation began in early 2018 and peaked in a total of 48 executed search warrants at residences, businesses and cafes across the Greater Toronto Area beginning on July 12, 2019. Multiple agencies were involved in the execution of the searches. The seized goods contain $1 million in currency, 27 mafia-owned homes, and 23 high-end luxury vehicles and are primarily the result of illegal gaming operations. Extensive money laundering systems were used to hide the enormous profits.

Intelligence gathered indicates that Angelo Figliomeni is the head of the criminal organization. Beside organized crime charges, Figliomeni is also facing tax evasion and fraud charges. The investigation is ongoing. These arrests signify the fall of power for the most significant ‘Ndrangheta crime family operating in York Region,‘ said Chief Eric Jolliffe. He further emphasizes the efforts of his agency ‚to bring an end to this family’s international illegal gaming and money-laundering activities. We know that violence has occurred as a result of their activities and that our community is a safer place following these arrests and charges.”

Investigators with the York Regional Police Organized Crime and Intelligence Bureau – Traditional Organized Crime Task Force, along with investigators from the Canada Revenue Agency, the Ontario Provincial Police, Peel Regional Police, Canada Border Services and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) also worked with the Italian State Police. On July 18, 2019, warrants were also executed in Calabria, Italy, where multiple arrests were made.