Mike Duffy suing Senate for nearly $8M for result of expense scandal

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Senator Mike Duffy is suing the Senate and the RCMP for the way they handled accusations about his expenses, and is seeking more than $7.8 million for damages to his reputation and economic losses.

Duffy filed a claim in an Ontario Superior Court on Thursday that alleges his 2013 suspension was unconstitutional and that the RCMP were negligent in their investigation.

The senator found himself in hot water with the Senate in 2012 when questions were raised about housing expenses claimed against a home he had lived in for years before he was appointed to the Senate.

The Prince Edward Island senator was suspended without pay for almost two years and in 2014 the RCMP filed 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery charges against him.

Duffy was acquitted of all charges last year.

The claim alleged the RCMP failed to give Duffy a fair chance to respond to the allegations he faced and appeared to ignore evidence that would have proved his innocence.

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