Lower Mainland BBB warns of local loan scam

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June 3, 2021 – It’s one of the riskiest scams, according to the Better Business Bureau. Companies claiming to offer loans say they require loan insurance up front. But once you pay the insurance cost, the loan never materializes and you’re left in even worse financial straits than before.

The Lower Mainland BBB says it has seen a spate of these loan scams in the last six months, originating from a variety of companies, including Roswatertin Financial Group, Riverbine Financial Group, and Walsick Financial Group Inc.

“They are primarily targeting persons who have some kind of financial struggle or financial difficulty and it would be difficult for them to get loans through your typical financial institutions,” says the BBB’s Karla Laird. “They promise them loans without any kind of severe penalties or no credit check required.”

She adds recent immigrants are particularly vulnerable because, while advance fees for loans are illegal in Canada, they are normal in other countries and may not seem like a red flag. CTV News reports. | READ MORE