Local businessman is facing dozens of fraud related charges

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Sudbury (November 7, 2019) – The local businessman from Sudbury, David Murray, is facing dozens of fraud related charges. After a number of complaints, the Greater Sudbury Police arrested and charged the owner of EcoLife Home Improvements Inc. with 22 counts of fraud on October 31. 23 fraud charges were laid against Murray already on May 30 of this year. He is scheduled to appear in court on December 11.

The Greater Sudbury Police received numerous complaints about fraudulent activities of the local business EcoLife Home Improvements since September 2018. The reports are all claiming incomplete contracted work regarding home renovation projects after a monetary deposit has been provided to the firm.

On November 5, the authorities explained in a statement, the investigation by the Sudbury Police’s Fraud Unit and the Consumer Protection Bureau let to the arrest of David Murray, owner of the home improvement firm. The 46-year-old is facing 22 counts of fraud related charges. On October 31, he has been arrested and charged with 14 counts of Fraud Over $5,000 and eight counts of Fraud Under $5,000.

Although, Murray was already charged with 20 counts of Fraud over $5,000 and three counts of Fraud under $5,000. The charges have already been laid on May 30 of this year. In total, Murray is now facing 45 charges related to phony business practices. He is scheduled to be in court on December 11.

The police advise homeowners to ‘ensure that you protect yourself and your property by doing your research prior to signing a contract or providing a down payment.’

Prior to providing payment for home renovation products or services:

1. Know your rights.
2. Research the company.
3. Verify applicable licensing.
4. Ask for identification and references.
5. Obtain everything in writing.
6. If you feel uncomfortable, end the interaction.