Leduc cocaine dealer charged with fraud

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A Leduc, Alta. cocaine dealer has been sentenced to 36 months in prison after pleading guilty to two charges of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, one charge of fraud, and other offences.

In December 2015, Alexander J. Sheaves deposited an empty envelope into an ATM and then withdrew $2,800 in cash. His ex-girlfriend reported the crime when the bank contacted her about the breach. Sheaves was identified using video footage shot from the ATM’s camera.

Later in March 2016, Sheaves was pulled over in Vegreville, Alta. because his license plate did not match the vehicle he was driving. He also did not have his license on him at the time, so he was arrested. Police found 15 grams of cocaine on his body, and another 14.85 grams wrapped in dime bags in the vehicle. Sheaves admitted to planning to sell the drugs.

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