Leader of self-described Indigenous group faces fraud charges

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June 11, 2021 – A 60-year-old Gatineau man faces fraud accusations and other charges following a six-month investigation into an organization purporting to represent Indigenous people, notably in matters of taxation and hunting rights.

Guillaume Carle was arrested June 9 by special constables at the Gatineau courthouse  on an arrest warrant. He was at the courthouse on other matters.

Police allege Carle was behind the creation of the Confederacy of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (CAFC). The group created the CPAC card (Confédération des peuples autochtones du Canada) that claimed its holders would benefit from rights guaranteed to Indigenous people in Canada, particularly in matters of taxation and hunting, “causing monetary prejudice to users.”

The victims, who paid membership fees, were not only left with monetary losses, but also with what investigators termed “invalid fees,” such as initiation fees and other charges for use of the card, police alleged. Ottawa Citizen reports. | READ MORE