Lawsuit alleges Alberta Motor Association victim of $8.2-million fraud

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Over the past three years, Edmonton resident Jim Gladden spent money like a multimillionaire businessman. He bought a 2013 Porsche and a rare Italian-made Maserati. His insurance covers a 2014 Dodge Ram truck, a 2015 BMW and a $50,000 boat. His new home in southwest Edmonton cost an estimated $1.6 million and as an investment, he bought a $5-million office building in downtown Edmonton.

During this three-year spending spree, Gladden was working as vice-president of information technology for the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) and making about $210,000 a year. The AMA alleges Gladden and his associated companies defrauded it of at least $8.2 million between January 2013 and June 2016.

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