Kingston man sentenced to almost a year in jail for multiple frauds

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A 42-year-old Kingston man readily admitted to using the stolen Visa and debit cards of two different individuals over the summer; defrauding Money Mart, using a cheque stolen from the home of an elderly man who had recently died and attempting to defraud a different Money Mart.

Forbidden to possess cheques, credit or debit

He also consequently violated a release undertaking that forbid him possessing any cheques, credit or debit cards or any other financial instrument not in his own name. But Angelo F. Oliviera claims he didn’t steal the Visa, the debit card or the cheques. He claimed the plastic and the paper were given to him by other individuals.

It was enough to garner Oliviera 11 months and seven days in jail, on top of 14 days of pretrial custody, plus probation for 18 months and, at his own insistence, restitution orders totalling $1,096.89.

Drug problem and treatment program

Defence lawyer Dawn Quelch, who assisted Oliviera with his pleas, disclosed that he has a drug problem and wanted a sentence long enough to get him into a drug treatment program. She asked Justice O’Brien to recommend that he serve his time in a treatment centre. Oliviera insisted that he wants to pay and told the judge that he wants to get clean for himself.

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