Keep safe from scareware software

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Scareware tactics – software scams for people trying to get your money or assume control of your computer to compromise your information – are on the rise in Canada.

According to Symantec, the makers of Norton antivirus, Canada ranked third globally for the number of data breaches in 2016. The software company also found that Canada is the fourth most attacked country by ransomware, which holds users’ data hostage until money is paid. Canada also ranked fourth globally for the most identities exposed by data breaches.

Avoid software scams

To avoid falling victim to these types of software scams, it’s recommended to keep your web browsers and operating systems up-to-date and to use anti-virus protection. One of the easiest ways to avoid scareware tactics is to simply hang up the phone on the person threatening you and to keep your information secure. Don’t share login information, or computer IP information with other people.

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